Our top most recent rescues

Leela was found dragging a wire clipped to her collar. She had maggots in her eye socket, multiple abrasions, matted skin and multiple masses on her belly.  She’s now in her forever home. Scroll through her photos to see her progress and adoption photo! DONATE NOW

Gypsy was living on the streets for years and animal control hadn’t been able to catch her, until one day she was to pregnant to outrun them. She had her babies that same day. Gypsy had mange, heartworms, and 9 newborns. A couple of weeks later Gypsy’s babies started dying. We rushed them to the vet to find she had an infection in her nipples getting the babies sick. We had to bottle feed the remaining 6 and we ended up with 4 health kids. Gypsy is in a loving foster home and still waiting on her forever home.  DONATE NOW

A total of 14 Chihuahuas were rescued from a hoarding situation where we are still hoping they will give up 3 more, or we’ll be in this situation again next year. They came in covered in fleas. They were unsocialized but coming around quickly as we are rotating them into different fosters, giving them one on one.

Jezebel came to us feral and skin and bones. She wouldn’t have made it out there much longer. She’s just a puppy and learning to trust and understand all what the indoor life has to offer. She’s a very silly little thing with her big smiles and running around in loops. She does require a lot of time. DONATE NOW


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  1. Leela did well with her surgery and is heeling. She had multiple tumors removed, her eye cleaned and stitched up and she was spayed. She was heartworm negative! So that’s nice. Today she goes to foster.

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