At Cause N Dog Rescue and adoptions in Snow Hill NC, we take in the most severe rescue cases. Most of our dogs come in with broken bones, injuries, abrasions, mange, pregnant and homeless. We are also one of the only facilities able to take in and rehabilitate feral dogs.

Meet Our Team!


Meet Amanda!

A military wife and mother of two children, Amanda  has been a God send when it comes to intake information, data entry, and adoption and foster applications! Amanda processes dozens of applications at any given time, and has processed thousands of adoption applications since she’s been part of the Cause N Dog Rescue family!


Meet Bev!

A stay at home mom of three children, Beverly started out as a volunteer in January of 2021. She now works weekdays at the rescue and has fostered numerous dogs waiting for their forever homes! Beverly has been a fabulous partner and an appreciated part of the Cause N Dog Rescue family! Her oldest daughter Scarlett is following closely in Bev’s footsteps and is an awesome ambassador!

Social Media

Meet Stephanie!

If you’ve seen our social media pages then you know that we keep our feeds full of beautiful puppy dogs and their journeys! The magic behind the bulk of our social media is Stephanie! Tyra, volunteers, and fosters send her everything that is going on in the world of Cause N Dog Rescue and Stephanie keeps all of our wonderful followers updated around working full time. Stephanie’s dedication and role in our social media pages is invaluable and we are very fortunate to have her in our Cause N Dog Rescue family!


Meet Tyra!

Working in rescue was supposed to be a part-time commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I’m so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of these unfortunate souls, all while working alongside with some of the most passionate, driven and dedicated volunteers, advocates and rescuers.

We help the broken

Tyra and Cathy Scroggins
Co-Founders Tyra and Cathy Scroggins

Although Tyra Scroggins is the face and backbone of Cause-N-Dog Rescue today, the story actually starts with her parents, Cathy and George Scroggins. The Scroggins had a pest control business for 25 years in California while also running the family ranch. This is where Tyra developed her love for caring for animals! Tyra was raised around many types of farm animals, ranging from goats, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, birds and rabbits. The family farm even had a very sassy turkey!

In 2005, Tyra completed her Bachelor’s Degree in California and moved to Connecticut, where she worked in business-to-business marketing. At this point in her career, Tyra was also doing website and graphic design on the side. By 2009 Tyra had moved to North Carolina and started her own web development company working in retail management. All of these business ventures would prove to benefit her in more ways than she ever expected! After the passing of George Scroggins in 2008, Cathy retired and moved to where Tyra was living in North Carolina.

After a few years of living in NC, both Cathy and Tyra realized there was a void of animal assistance in their area and that there was countless animals in need of help. So many dogs had been lost, left on the streets, uncared for or abused. In 2012, Cathy and Tyra started assisting the Wilson County Humane Society by fostering dogs who needed help as they found them. Through the WCHS, Cathy and Tyra fostered in upwards of a hundreds dogs and puppies. This inspired them to form the now beloved Cause-N-Dog Rescue in 2015! Cathy and Tyra worked extremely hard to put their years of business experience into forming a licensed non-profit shelter at their home. Since the formation of Cause-N-Dog Rescue, over 1,000 dogs and counting have been saved! On January 2nd, 2018, Cathy Scoggins left a beautiful and wonderful legacy for Tyra.

Where Are We Now?

In Cathy’s honor, Tyra has tirelessly continued on their shared love of saving dogs in Eastern North Carolina. Over the years, through and through, Cause-N-Dog Rescue has continued to grow, expand, improve, and educate with local agency partners. In past years, Tyra has not only saved the lives of countless dogs, but of people too. Tyra has worked with the local probation office for juveniles and adults, local schools for troubled students, countless agencies for team building volunteering, and other community programs. None of these things possible without her team, the amazing group of fosters who is the core of rescue work, donators, sponsors, organizers, and supporters just like YOU! A like, love, laugh and share on social media are 100% free. Other ways to donate are available under our Donate tab on our website!


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